Nuclear Safety Resources

Independent Evaluation of INPO’s Nuclear Safety Culture Survey and Construct Validation Study
This paper describes the Nuclear Energy Institute sponsored study conducted by the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations. The purpose of this study was to investigate the components that comprise safety culture in the nuclear industry.      

Regulatory Oversight of Safety Culture in Nuclear Installations (IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency)
This paper was written to provide regulators within the nuclear industry the tools to create their own regulatory oversight of safety culture. This paper discusses several regulatory approaches used around the world. 

Self-Assessment of Safety Culture in Nuclear Installations: Highlights and Good Practices (IAEA)
This report describes Safety Culture Self-Assessment Highlights and Good Practices discussed during two IAEA Technical Committee meetings. The purpose of these meetings were to share international experience on the methods used for the assessment of safety culture. 

Safety Culture (United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission; US NRC)
This source defines (nuclear) safety culture. It also provides material on the NRC’s safety culture policy, educational material, and other potentially helpful sources of information. 

Safety Culture (International Atomic Energy Agency; IAEA)
This source defines safety culture, provides a framework for safety culture, and describes the contributors to a strong safety culture. It also includes resources and services that the IAEA can provide to Member States in order to improve safety culture. 

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Safety Culture Outreach and Educational Materials
The NRC provides safety culture materials with the focus of educating stakeholders about safety culture. They also provide safety culture case studies and a case study user guide to strengthen knowledge and understanding of the concept. 

Traits of a Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture (Institute of Nuclear Power Operations; INPO)
This report describes what the authors of the text deem “essential traits and attributes” of strong safety culture in the nuclear power industry. The text provides behavioral examples of these safety-related ‘traits’ so organizations and their managers can better implement or at least understand what is required in safety culture improvement. 

Nuclear Energy Institute: “Fostering a Strong Nuclear Safety Culture” (Nov. 2010)
This paper serves as an industry guideline describing how to assess and address nuclear safety culture issues. The goal is to have accessible information available to those in the industry (e.g, performance trends, industry evaluations, employee concern programs, etc.) potentially providing early indications of safety culture problems. 

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