Resources for Regulators

CNSC Safety Culture Regulatory Documents (Available from Government of Canada)
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) document 2.1.2 Safety Culture presents requirements and guidance for conducting safety culture assessments and creating a culture of safety. 

Safety Culture Practices for the Regulatory Body (Available from the IAEA)
This report created by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) provides guidance to regulatory bodies in the process of assessing and promoting safety culture within their own organizations and when providing regulatory oversight to other organizations. The report summarizes senior regulators' experiences of challenges and successes in supporting safety culture as a regulator. 

Returning to the Roots of Culture: A Review and Re-Conceptualization of Safety Culture (Available from Science Direct)
This toolkit has been created for use in the rail industry. The toolkit contains information about safety culture and provides registered users with assessment tools and other resources. 

Ethics, Risks, and Safety Culture: Reflections on Safety Culture and Beyond (Available from Taylor and Francis Publishing)
This source discusses how safety culture and societal culture played a role in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident.