Safety Culture Resources

This page contains links to safety culture resources organized by industry. Resources include: safety culture one-pagers, literature reviews, safety culture reports, guides, and tool-kits. 


General Safety Culture Resources 

Safety Culture One-Pagers

Health and Safety Laboratory: Free white papers on safety culture, "Making the Case for Culture" (Available on request) 
The free white papers on safety culture are available through the link above. 

Creating Safety Culture in Academic Institutions: A Report of the Safety Culture Task Force of the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety
This report identifies the best elements and best practices of a good safety culture (specifically for university chemistry labs), identifies recommendations that universities can use to improve their own safety culture, and identifies potential tools and resources for safety culture improvement.

Overview of Best Practice in Organizational & Safety Culture (Offshore Helicopter Safety Inquiry Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada; Aerosafe Risk Management) 
This report defines and describes safety culture and its different aspects. The report goes on to discuss how to develop a positive safety culture, the relationship between culture and risk management, and the role managers play in safety. The document also provides case studies as examples.

Strategies to Promote Safe Behaviour as Part of a Health and Safety Management System (Contract Research Report 430/2002)
This report aims to promote safe behaviour through providing the reader with knowledge on theories underpinning safe behaviour, how to create a program with key elements of safe behaviour, and how to develop and integrate strategies targeting safe behaviour into the overall safety management system of an organization. 

Changing Minds Guide: A Practical Guide for Behavioural Change in the Oil and Gas Industry
This guide contains useful information on safety culture and behavioural change that is applicable not only to oil and gas, but to other industries as well. The guide includes sections on safety leadership development, behavioural interventions, and front-line initiatives to improve safety. 

WorkSafe is a health and safety regulator in New Zealand. They provide workplace assessments,tools, resources, and research regarding safety in a wide variety of industries. 

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