Safety Culture Lab

The Safety Culture Lab, operating out of Saint Mary's University under the supervision of Dr. Mark Fleming, comprises professionals and researchers sharing in interest in applied safety culture. Researchers tackle projects brought forth by partnerships with local and national organizations, as well as from the enthusiasm and creativity of the team's members. Recent work has included evaluating the metrics used in safety culture assessment spanning a wide range of hazardous industries.

Team Members

Dr. Mark Fleming
Dr. Fleming is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Saint Mary's University and the current Professor of Safety Culture. He received his Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Human Factors from Aberdeen University and his PhD in Psychology from The Robert Gordon University in Scotland. Mark is an applied psychologist with nearly 25 years of experience in industrial health and safety management in high hazard industries including the offshore oil and gas, nuclear power, petrochemical, power generation and construction. He is dedicated to developing practical and valid tools to assist organisations to prevent harm. Currently, Dr. Fleming’s research includes investigating methods for measuring and improving safety culture, safety motivation, safety leadership, and aviation safety. He advises many Canadian and international organisations (e.g., International Atomic Energy Agency) on safety culture assessment and improvement. 

Brianna Cregan
Brianna Cregan is a PhD candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Saint Mary's University. Her thesis focuses on understanding the mechanisms of human and organizational safety initiatives and how they produce perceived outcomes of success or failure. Brianna’s primary research and work interests are: safety culture, human factors, intervention design, organizational change and workplace health and safety. Brianna works independently as a safety culture specialist, facilitating assessments and training within high hazard industries including transportation, construction and manufacturing.  

Dylan Smibert 

Dylan (B.A. in Psychology, MSc. Applied I-O Psychology) is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Saint Mary's University, Halifax. Dylan has academic and applied interests in safety climate/culture/values scale development, live-data collection, intervention development, attention and mindfulness training, and safety communication processes. Dylan founded Talos Analytics and Consulting and continues to work with companies in downstream/upstream offshore oil and gas, construction, and rail industries. 

Keri Harvey
 is a student in the Master of Applied Health Services Research program at Saint Mary's University. Her master's thesis is a descriptive phenomenology on the use of patient safety climate surveys in practice. Keri completed her BA Honours in Psychology at Saint Mary’s University in 2016, with a certificate in Human Resource Management. 



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