General Assessment Tools

The Learning Tree Incident Investigation Technique 
The Learning Tree Incident Investigation Technique is a collaborative and interactive approach to incident investigation. This method looks at the events of an incident in sequential order along with contextual factors, barrier success and failures, error-type, and cultural factors. 
If you are interested in a Learning Tree training session, please email and we will inform you of any future training sessions.

Occupational Safety and Health culture assessment - A review of main approaches and selected tools (created by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)
This report provides an overview of safety culture assessment tools 

Safety Culture Self-Assessment Research Project 
Are you interested in identifying practical strategies to improve your safety culture? If you are you may be interested in participating in a research study being conducted by Dr. Mark Fleming. The research aims to test the utility of a safety culture system self-assessment survey. Participating in this research involves completing the online survey and a follow up interview. In return you will receive a report summarizing your responses and improvement suggestions. Your individual responses will be treated as confidential.